Product Overview

Iron-Horse has curated the following product lines to help deliver perfectly-customized solutions to any construction project.

New-Install, Fit-Out, or Retrofit, our product selection will have you covered. 

IoT Lighting Controls

IoT Lighting Controls

Enlighted® IoT Platform

With 1,000,000+ sensors installed in commercial real estate, the Enlighted® system has a proven record of energy-savings and occupant satisfaction.

Advanced Window Shades

Advanced Window Shades

MechoSystems Window System

Completely custom window shade solutions, for any application. Manual, motorized, or automated shade control. Integration with lighting controls.

Building-Connected HVAC Systems

Building-Connected HVAC Systems

Magnum Energy Solutions – Lighting & HVAC Controls

Wireless & Battery free switches and sensors enable flexibility with reduced maintenance costs. Low-cost solutions for any project.

Additional Products

Iron-Horse has curated these product options to save additional energy & maintenance costs.
These components can work standalone or in tandem with any other product.



Enlighted’s proven lighting control systems are reducing energy costs by up to 90% in over 135 million sq ft of building space. Because their solutions are future-proof, you can add unlimited high-value IoT applications as they become available in the future.

Going beyond simple lighting controls, redefining smart buildings. Brings commercial real estate into the Internet-of-Things. Sophisticated sensors work together with advanced software tools to bring unparalleled insights.

  • Smart Sensors collect multiple streams of data: temperature, occupancy, daylight, and power consumption.
  • Each sensor is Title-24 and ASHRAE 90.1 compliant right out of the box.
  • Each sensor is Bluetooth Low-Energy enabled for asset tracking.

Enlighted’s IoT system and solutions deliver state-of-the-art capabilities while being scalable, upgradeable and secure. They have been proven in enterprises worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, and have been installed in over 135M square feet of building space. The results? Companies are significantly reducing lighting, HVAC and space costs while improving occupant comfort, productivity and safety.

  • Amazing Sensors
    • Enlighted sensors are the most sophisticated software-defined sensors in the industry, capturing and combining multiple streams of data.
  • Actionable Insights
    • Real-time data is turned into actionable insights for smarter decisions in managing lighting, HVAC, space and safety.
  • Intelligent Connections
    • Wireless network manages 1000s of sensors and enables connectivity between sensors and smart devices.

    System Design

    The Enlighted system is the simplest and the most advanced way to manage a building’s physical environment. Their technology automates, analyzes, controls and reports environmental data and empowers you to lower energy costs, maximize space and increase the productivity and well-being of occupants.

    Each Enlighted installation is comprised of four main components, listed below. 

    Smart Sensors

    At the heart of Enlighted’s IoT solution sits their software-defined smart sensor that monitors real time occupancy, light levels, temperatures and energy usage, among other things. Only their sensors can distinguish between people and objects, customize controls for specific tasks, leverage ambient light and much more.


    • Multiple sensors in one module: daylight-harvesting, temperature, IR, and power 
    • Fixture outage report
    • Stay-with-me lighting effect
    • Bluetooth Low-Energy enabled for location and asset tracking
    • Real-time energy savings report
    • Auto and advanced demand response programs


    The Enlighted Gateway is the communication channel between Enlighted Smart Sensors and the Enlighted Energy Manager and a transition from wireless to wired network. The Gateway relays energy, environmental, occupancy and Bluetooth data captured by the sensors securely to the Energy Manager for analysis and reporting and sends back updates and changes to the sensors.


    • The Gateway relays data captured by the sensors to the Energy Manager for analysis and reporting.
    • Architecture enables scalability for very large lighting control deployments
    • Traffic on wireless network secured with AES 128-bit encryption
    • Each gateway sends /receives data for up to 250 sensors

    Energy Manager

    The Energy Manager provides the data analysis for all data harvested by the Enlighted Smart Sensors for energy, occupancy and environment. It features a secure browser-based interface to create profiles and adjust settings of the entire Enlighted Advanced Lighting Control System. In addition, it facilitates integration with third-party building automation and demand response systems.


    • Simplified lighting control management 
    • Prepared for deployment in corporate environment with industry-leading security with encryption
    • Supports Title 24 Compliance Check and color tuning
    • Manages up to 1500 individual sensors; 3500 BACnet points
    • Web-based user interface for lighting system management
    • Energy consumption and savings can be viewed in real time
    • Direct power metering at individual fixture level

    Room Control

    The Enlighted Room Control provides all of the functions of a standard wall switch with override control capabilities, all without additional wiring. Occupants can manually adjust lighting levels to save energy, increase comfort or tailor illumination for specific tasks. And users can choose from pre-programmed settings through the browser-based software interface or customize settings with a few clicks of a mouse.


    • Lets individuals change illumination and lighting configurations
    • Expected battery life of 7+ years for easy maintenance
    • Installs easily on room walls or over existing junction boxes
    • Offers flexibility to pre-set up to six different scenes and light levels
    • Allows groups of light fixtures to behave in concert
    • Single Room Control device can manage up to 100 Enlighted fixtures
    • Each Room Control is a computing and communications device



    For nearly five decades, the firm has been the premier designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art manual, motorized, and automated window-shading systems and shadecloths. MechoSystems’ commitment to eco-friendly and energy-saving products and control systems has been sanctioned by a number of respected organizations:

    • MBDC’s Cradle to Cradle SM certification program.
    • GEI’s GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM program.
    • BuildingGreen’s GreenSpec® Top-10 Green Products list.
    • Interior Design’s Best of Year Merit award winner.

    The innovative firm is a supporter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). In fact, MechoSystems’ SolarTrac® automated-shade system, incorporating an EcoVeil® shadecloth, is installed in the USGBC’s new LEED® Platinumrated headquarters, in Washington, D.C. Likewise, architects and designers have made MechoSystems’ systems and shadecloths the products-of-choice in numerous buildings certified by the USGBC’s LEED® rating system.

    Product Categories

    Mechosystems offers a wide array of shade options to fit any application. See below gallery for a brief introduction to their collection. For any project & budget, Mechosystem's shades has you covered:

    • WhisperShade Automated Shades
    • Room-darkening and A/V integrations
    • SolarTrac Automated Shade Control
    • Classic Mecho® Manual System
    MechoSystems -- Lou Ruvo Demonstration

    MechoSystems -- Lou Ruvo Demonstration

    Building Controls Integration

    The result of extensive research and development from a company with the longest history of creating control systems, which integrate with other manufacturers’ A/V, lighting, and building-automation systems.

    • State-of-the-art design, software, and RF technology.
    • Industry’s most advanced control capabilities.
    • Formal integration partnerships with Crestron®, AMX®, Control4®, and others.
    • Integration capability with Enlighted®, Lutron® Electronics, Leviton® Manufacturing Co., Lightolier® Controls, and others.

    SolarTrac – The Elite WindowManagement System

    • Fully-Automated Shade System - Proactive shade control, managing daylight using sophisticated solar-tracking software—to conserve energy and optimize comfort, views to the outside, and natural light.
    • Energy-conserving technology, providing up to 70% savings in lighting energy.
    • Automated solar tracking, determining the sun’s angle in relation to a building’s location, solar orientation, and geometry. • Sky monitoring, tracking current conditions with solar sensors.
    • User-defined shade positions, maneuvering shades in each zone to preprogrammed, specified points on the window.
    • Advanced two-way communication with each shade, facilitating flexible and convenient support.
    • Uniform shade band alignment, supporting a facade’s clean look.


    Magnum Energy Solutions


    Adaptable to any Environment – No Batteries, No Wires, No Maintenance

    Utilizes no wires and no batteries and spans verticals including hospitality, schools, commercial office, multi-family residential, data centers, retail and refrigeration. Robust product portfolio does more than just save energy. Improve productivity, enhance operations and effectively use the data their products deliver to make informed and critical business decisions.

    • Wireless & Battery Free
      • No wires and no batteries means little to no maintenance and simple installation.
    • Reliable & Effective
      • Large scale and long standing projects demonstrates the reliability and effectiveness of wireless.
    • Scalable & Flexible
      • Scalable and flexible wireless technology portfolio for use in any type of building.
    • Training & Support
      • Dedication to customer success through training and supportive tools to make commissioning projects fast and easy.

    Lighting Control

    The Magnum lighting product portfolio “Magnum OPUS” serves the both the needs of lighting OEMS looking to design-in and offer “control ready” solutions to their customers and also provides end users cost effective devices to retrofit existing spaces for occupancy control and daylight harvesting. Magnum products include DALI, 0-10V and PWM with various form factors for both high bay and low bay fixture integration. Magnum light switches and sensors and wireless and battery-free.

    HVAC Control

    Magnum's HVAC product portfolio includes a variety of thermostats, temperature sensing products as well as environmental monitoring products. These HVAC products allow end users to reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent. The Mx-EBOX integrates these wireless HVAC end devices into BACnet based building automation systems.

    Plugload Control

    The Magnum product line includes devices to monitor, meter and control plugged in devices. Plug loads typically account for roughly 25% of total electricity consumed within office buildings.


    To enhance the scalability of their wireless products, Magnum provides critical infrastructure products that either translate data from protocol to protocol, or intelligent “brains” that collect, analyze and control products based upon software driven parameters. While any Magnum product combination can work stand-alone, software or the integration to a BAS, helps to extend and expand the capabilities and utilization of the key building data.

    Additional Product Lines

    Click on any Product below to learn more.

    * Inverter Batteries
    * Medical Air Purifier / LED Troffer combo
    * Reduce kWH Usage
    * Industrial Water Purification

    LG Networked Lighting Controls


    Although lighting control solutions have been proven to significantly reduce lighting energy consumption, many parts of commercial building market have been hesitant due to cost, complexity and applicability. However, new wireless technologies are eliminating these concerns, while expanding the lighting control capabilities.

    Removing the wires
    A new generation of lighting control systems is reducing cost and eliminating complexity concerns by removing the dedicated control wiring.

    Instead of placing controls where wiring permits, building owners are free to place controls where they are needed to improve building performance. As the needs of a space change, changes can be made at any point, or new devices and control strategies added, simply by reprogramming.

    Once a wireless network is established, that network can grow to cover an ever-expanding area at a low additional cost. Additional sensors, switches and lights require minimal labor and disruption, and utilize the same wireless control system without the need
    to add a new control infrastructure.

    Lighting Control Strategy

    Lighting control manages and automates the delivery of the correct amount of light, where you want it, when you want it. Lights can automatically turn on/off or dim at set times or under set conditions, and users can have control over their own lighting levels to provide optimal working conditions. A lighting control solution automates and simplifies cost- and energy-saving strategies such as below:

    Turn on/off and dim lights at specified times during the day—for example, automatically turn lights on at the start of business hours, and off after workers leave at night.

    Occupancy sensors
    Detect when a room is occupied, to automatically turn lights on when someone enters and off (or dim) shortly after they leave.

    Daylight harvesting
    Use photosensors to detect levels of natural lighting, and automatically dim lights when sunlight is streaming into windows. This reduces energy use and provides consistent lighting levels.

    Demand response
    Utility companies frequently offer their customers incentives to encourage them to reduce energy consumption, especially at times of peak usage or when retail energy prices are high. Lighting control solutions can automatically respond to these events and reduce energy consumed by lighting to pre-set levels.

    Total Control System with DaintreeNetworks

    Easy Installation & Scalability

    LG Lighting with ZigBee®

    LG Lighting is designed as a wireless-embedded system, which users can control wirelessly by simply inserting a compact communication dongle into the driver. By adopting ZigBee®, an open wireless protocol, the system not only works seamlessly with devices that use the same protocol, but also integrates with the control systems of solution providers like DaintreeNetworks.

    Commissioning as a Service

    LG offers commissioning services that seamlessly guide customers through the process of transitioning to energy efficient Smart lighting. Smart light solutions involve coordination to ensure that the details are done right from the initial planning to the final close-out phases of a project. Therefore, it is important that they select a partner who is knowledgeable about the conversion and commissioning process. Partnering with LG is the best way to guarantee that your project is designed to maximize energy savings.

    Lead Crystal Batteries
    By Betta Batteries


    There are fundamental flaws of lead-acid, gel, and AGM batteries such as plate sulfation, active material loss, high water loss rate, serious acid pollution, poor low temperature performance, short life cycle,and poor transport safety.

    Betta Batteries successfully developed Lead Crystal Batteries to solve these problems through five exclusive patented technological innovations.


    Versatile in application — Lead Crystal® batteries can be used in any application where lead acid, lead gel batteries or AGM Batteries are used today. Lead Crystal® batteries are also the preferred battery in some applications where lithium is used. The overview below is not exhaustive, so please contact us for more information if your application is not listed.

    • Solar Power

    • Wind Power

    • Electric Vehicles

    • Emergency Power Supplies

    • Backup Systems for Telecomm

    • Railway Signaling Systems

    Lead Crystal Characteristics

    Lead Crystal® Technology

    Special Electrolyte Composition

    A unique micro-porous high-absorbent mat (AGM), thick plates cast from a high purity lead calcium selenium alloy (which ensure an extended life), and a SiO2 based electrolyte solution.

    By using a unique blending technology, Lead Crystal® is able to combine a variety of inorganic salts and organic substances to co-ordinate a combined reaction to improve the reaction ability between the electrolyte and active material on the lead plates. The electrolyte prevents the active material from becoming brittle and falling of the plates, improving the cycle life. 

    When charged/discharged the liquid electrolyte transforms into a crystallized state leaving hardly any free liquid electrolyte in the battery. This opens a wide range of installation applications, since the risk of electrolyte leakage is minimized. This reaction also improves the products' safety, making it less harmful to installers and users alike. 

    Tailored Manufacturing Process

    Using pressure filling technology in combination with patented gravity filling containers to fill the batteries with electrolyte and a patented terminal connecting equipment. These manufacturing features ensure a much more even distribution of electrolyte in each cell further enhancing the performance of the batteries and increasing the efficiency.




    VidaShield reduces the levels of bacteria and fungi in treated air and reduces the settling of viable bacteria and fungi from treated air. Vidashield combines an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) chamber and air circulating fans with an overhead ceiling light to allow for 24/7/365 operation in occupied spaces.


    • Hospitals

    • Emergency rooms

    • Medical centers

    • Doctors offices

    • Any location requiring a sterile environment

    Vidashield Install

    Vidashield Install

    How VidaShield Works

    • UV-C technology has been used as a disinfection method for decades in the healthcare industry, it has been proven effective for neutralizing dangerous microorganisms.

    • Shielded UV-C allows for installation in occupied spaces.

    • The patented system uses UV-C light and filtration to draw in and treat surrounding air.

    • Vidashield can treat a volume of air equivalent to an 8’ x 10’ x 10’ room four times per hour.

    Installation and Maintenance

    • Fits into standard 2x4 drop ceilings, all products are 6" tall

      • Options available for hard ceilings

    • No operator required – VidaShield doesn’t require a person to operate the unit and maintenance requirements are minimal. The lumen output on the UV lamp will start to diminish after approximately 9000 hours (375 days), so we recommend you change the UV lamp once per year to maintain maximum efficacy on the unit.

    • The MERV6 filter removes dust and particulates from the air. In a healthcare setting that operates 24/7, we recommend the filters be changed every 3 months. In a dentist’s office, physician’s office, school or commercial building where occupancy is limited to daytime hours, the filters can be changed annually.

    Benefits of VidaShield

    Benefits of VidaShield

    Basic Power


    • The most efficient energy management system ever created.

    • The Basic Power Unit – The BPU™ is a revolutionary solid state energy management system that:

      • Reduces electric usage

      • Protects valuable electrical systems and electronic equipment

      • Improves motor and machine performance resulting in reduced maintenance costs and increased equipment service life

      • Ultimately helps businesses lower total system life cycle costs and achieve green building objectives.

    • The Basic Power Unit is truly universal

      • Applications in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Spaces - Click here to learn more

      • There are 5 BPU™ models available for 480V systems and 5 BPU™ models available for 208V systems. Units have been sized for both monthly kWh consumption and running amps.

    • Based upon an electromagnetic reactor core utilizing patented power quality transformer technology, the BPU™ consistently reduces kWh consumption and kW demand from 8% to 20%

    Product Highlights

    • 8% to 20% reduction in kWh and kW Demand Usage

    • Improves the performance of renewable energy systems when added to DC inverters

    • Improves the performance of your motors and compressors

    • Works with variable speed drives and any existing power quality technology on site

    • No need to switch off any equipment when installing

    • Connects in parallel through a spare breaker in your electrical panel

    • Reduction Payback in under 24 months

    BPU™ Technology

    • The BPU™ electromagnetic reactor core dynamically monitors the incoming power from the electric utility and corrects any anomalies before they reach your electrical systems and sensitive electronic equipment.

    • The BPU™ then monitors all of the electric power running throughout your facility, instantaneously correcting any sensed anomalies as they occur.

    • Electric current degraded by internal systems and loads cannot be utilized by other devices, so that portion of the energy you pay for at the meter is wasted.

      • The reactor core captures the distorted, wasted energy and transforms it back into usable energy and then releases it into the building electrical network as your equipment and systems call for it.

    Additional Technical Information

    Please refer to the BasicPower website for additional technical details for the BPU™ system - Click here



    Build Clean Water Systems to Safeguard Public Health, while Reducing Cost.

    The NARTqms team has been integrating water treatment technologies since 1990. The company’s products eliminate bacteria growth, scale, and particulate growth without the use of chemicals. NARTqms has installed hundreds of its systems in health facilities, educational institutions, manufacturers, and government clients worldwide. In 1997, the U.S. Department of Energy recommended the NARTqms HydroPlex System for use on government facilities to reduce energy requirements, conserve water and reduce pollution.