Welcome to Iron-Horse Systems.

Initializing your Building Controls to provide peak performance and longevity.
Maximizing ROI through scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

Certified Platinum VAR for Enlighted® Products and Applications

Certified Dealer & Reseller for MechoSystems automated shades

Certified Representative for Magnum Energy Solutions

To best serve our customers, we have divided our operations into two main functions:

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Iron-Horse Systems Controls Group

Full service lighting controls specialists. 
Our team will guide your project from start to finish.
Design – Procurement – Construction


Iron-Horse Systems is an Enlighted® Platinum level value added reseller (VAR) with an in-house controls design team to guide your IoT platform design & deployment for maximum energy savings, ASHRAE compliance, and the full-functional enabling of the Enlighted® Intelligent Building Apps.

Additionally, Iron-Horse Systems is a certified Dealer for MechoSystems automated shades. Tie-in lighting controls with advanced motorized shades for a seemless user experience. 

Overview of Capabilities:


  • Complete design of the Building Controls System, based on industry and manufacturer best practices.
  • Solutions driven by customer needs or tailored for specifications by Engineers or Lighting Designers.
  • Budgetary Equipment BOM and Quotations.
  • Design for ASHRAE & LEED compliance.


  • Detailed component layout drawings produced from customer or Engineer supplied floor plans. 

Project Management

  • Dedicated project management professionals to ensure project completion within determined timeframe, budget, and scope.

Project Supply

  • Enlighted® components shipped from our local warehouse facilities to ensure on-time material deliveries.


  • Contractor Installation Training & Phone Consultations on Technical Issues.
  • Fully licensed and insured certified installation partners are available if required.

Programing & System Startup

  • Enabling the IoT cloud-based analytical applications.
  • Implementing the sequence of operations and on-site adjustments necessary to achieve the desired functionality and ASHRAE 90.1-2010/2013 compliance & LEED certification. 
  • Project As-Built Drawings and Close Out documentation.

Iron-Horse Systems Maintenance Group

Maintaining your Building System to provide peak performance and longevity.
Maximizing ROI through scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

Iron-Horse Systems Maintenance Group is a New York City based controls service and maintenance company.
We are certified by Enlighted® & MechoSystems® to service and maintain their controls system post installation.

Our goal is to maximize ROI over time through periodic inspection & recalibration of the controls system.
This includes adjustments & upgrades for the Enlighted IoT® Apps.

Overview of Services Provided: 

  • Phone and On-site Support
  • Software Licensing & Patching
  • Software & Enlighted IoT App® Upgrades
  • Application Server Back-up & Recovery
  • User Security & Account Management

Customized Contracts for Any Application:

  • As needed software and firmware upgrades to the Enlighted® system
  • Scheduled number of site visits per year, to maintain system
  • Scheduled number of "will call" visits, within 48 hour notice
  • For additional training courses, programming changes, or hardware replacements